How to Apply Graphics and Decals on Your Bike

Everyone loves their bike and it is unlikely to find someone who will not like to accessorize and modify their road beasts using decals and stickers. How cool will a graphic kit will look on your bike, right? Many people, especially the riders, prefer to get some sort of decals and graphics installed on their bikes as they cannot stand the fact that their.

Bikes look ordinary. Others might do it to hide any dent or scratches from their automobile. So, if you too are looking for similar solutions or graphic installations then read this quick, professional guide on how you can apply and install the graphic kits on your bike:

Before you start

Inspect whether the plastic of the graphic kit you purchased. It looks defective, scuffed or scratched then you should get it replaced. Before you apply the graphics to your bike, you need to make sure that the bought plastic is in good condition.

For installation you will need:

• – adhesive paper tape;
• – paper knife / scissors;
• – hair dryer or heat gun;
• – degreasing agent or alcohol-water mixture;
• – squeegee (optional);

Now wash your hands as clean hands will help you prepare surface better and also keep the application area cleaners. If your hands have any dirt or oil over them then your graphics are likely to loose their stickiness.

Now you need to prepare the surface. If your bike has some pre-installed graphics or tattoos then remove it completely. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun warm up the old graphic and then clean the surface through a degreasing agent. You must not leave any sort of glue residues on the surface. Before you apply the new sticker, the bike material should be warmed up well.

Apply the Graphic:

Now place the Decal graphics over the spot you want to install them and tape down the decal on it. This will help to hold it in place. Use as much tape as you want to be comfortable. Now peel off the backing paper from the background of the decal to till its middle. Cut the peeled part and check the alignment of the decal, whether it is as you desired or not!

Place one of your fingers on one part of the graphics and work in small sections, using your thumb or squeegee. This helps to apply uniform pressure and remove any sort of bubbled and wrinkles on the Decal graphics. Working from center out is an easy way to get rid of bubbles, peeling out or any other deformities. If bubbles still persist, you can try popping them through a fine needle or pin. Else keep bringing the bubbles onto the edges and repeat the steps.

In case, you decal has sharp curves, use warmed up sticker or heat gun after application. You can also cut off the excessive, extended and unwanted sections that cover your vent slits, access holes or bolts.

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When to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Are you a motorcycle rider? If so, you need to know that there is a saying that it’s not if you’re going to have an accident, it’s when. There are two kinds of cyclists – one who has had an accident, and one who hasn’t had one yet. Not very encouraging if you get around on two wheels.

If the inevitable has happened, and you found yourself sprawled along the asphalt, chances are that you have suffered pretty significant injuries and probably have lost your bike as well. This is about the time to consider seeing a motorcycle crash attorney.

Hopefully, there was a police report taken, and witness statements given. Medical records will be helpful, as well as the insurance claim information. These will all be a vital part of the case that your motorcycle accident attorney will use to establish your case. Dealing with the insurance companies involved, both yours and the other parties’ as well is a major undertaking. This is what the staff of your motorcycle injury lawyer will coordinate and gather information on.

Due to the fact that cycle riders are very vulnerable, the injuries are frequently very serious, if not life-changing. Common injuries caused in motorbike accidents often include head injuries, internal injuries, broken arms, legs, and neck injuries as well. Many riders suffer from TBIs, otherwise known as Traumatic Brain injuries. The cost of medical for these types of injuries can be enormous.

If you do not have adequate medical insurance coverage, these costs can be personally catastrophic, often resulting in having to declare personal bankruptcy. It may be tempting to reach a quick settlement with the insurance company, but do not let fear rush you into a low settlement. Remember that it is the job of the insurance company to reach a low, quick settlement.

Remember that it is the job of your motorcycle crash attorney to represent you in the best way possible, and fight for the best settlement possible for you.

Contact The Law of Jeffrey S. Dawson today at 949/861-2191 for a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case. If you have been involved in an accident where you have suffered injuries, contact the law offices of Jeffrey S. Dawson to discuss your potential lawsuit settlement.

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Harley Davidson Is Our New Emperor Of The Roads

Bike enthusiasts and the lover of adventures seem no stranger to the power and the exhibition speed of Harley Davidson bikes. A ride on Harley is a dream for a man and the women who sit behind such person riding a black heavyweight bike on a green road is totally an awesome feeling. What makes this bike so popular? Look at their price rates. They are for the high-profile superstars but they are a great fascination for the commoners. These bikes need no branding, no advertising, and no show-offs. You must hail and bow down to the Emperor but do not communicate in common.

Along with Canada and USA, the Harley bikes are very popular among the global race lovers. You will see a bunch of youngsters riding a sleek red color motorbike on the national highways letting out a tempting sound of BOOM in your ears. Its appearance is majestic and when you sit on the machine while grabbing the handles, you will feel as if you won the universe.

Born and designed in the United States of America they represent the independent spirit and the free “ism” of the country. Competing with the King there are several bike brands in Japan China and India that produce the strongest of the strong models but why is it that none can beat this two-wheeler? Do they run with some secret machine recipe that makes them travel like a mechanized bolt?

The multimillionaires already penned the models arriving in late 2017. Entire Asia-Pacific has its dealership and the numbers reach over 135.

The reason why some countries do not reach the equilibrium of its market is quite simple. First is the Swot analysis, the financial power of the citizens and the country roads that can handle its powerful speed. Direct exporting is one way though there are others like the contractual entry modes and investment entry. Your market segment must contain massive proportions to handle this heavy weight technology.

The very common threat of rivalry, high price, and customer satisfaction is yet another cause. Bringing in the Harley Davidson as a shiny new toy in the market will create a bigotry among the clients. They have high price ratio and if the citizens cannot afford it while the expected selling rate goes down than the business is nothing but a failure. Understand the SWOT analysis the environmental factors, the market segment, and client’s willingness. If these odds are in your favor than its time you raise your accelerator.

Lastly, I would just want to say that whatever vehicle you choose to ride for your fun or your comfort, please be very careful and never ever disobey the traffic rules. We do not want you to rot in a hospital bed for a mean machine.

Harley Davidson. The name swoons the bike riders into a lot many dreams to buy. However, this bike segment was and never would be reasonable enough to purchase for common population. Its not the machine’s fault as the design, engine capacity, market, profits and consumption of environmental resources is quite high.

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